Welcome to the Democratic Alliance!

In response to the ongoing cry for unity, we have formed the Democratic Alliance - a neutral umbrella party to unite the minor parties, independents and grassroots movements. By working together, we can get over the 5% MMP threshold to give you the voter a representative voice in Parliament.

The Democratic Alliance is a gift to the people of New Zealand. We invite you to join and help shape the party; to choose, contact and encourage the minor parties & grassroots movements you want to see working together to join the Democratic Alliance... to collectively build a better future and help safeguard this beautiful country of ours.

Our party name says it all… Democratic Alliance, a true democracy and an alliance for all to unite.  The party has been set up as an umbrella party - there is strength in unity!

Whether it is Labour, National, Act or the Greens, they are all following the same globalist plans to our detriment. We must work together to ensure a strong collective voice in Parliament, who understand the impending threats, and save our country.

It's time to unite and claim back our nation!

Election Update

Our Vision

To have true democracy and freedom in New Zealand where individual rights are valued and we are governed by political representatives who listen and work with the people, businesses, food producers and support families in a safe and caring society

Our Values

The foundations of the Democratic Alliance are built on trust and integrity and a grass-roots bottom-up approach.  We value your feedback to help further develop and to crystalise our party values:

Aroha – doing things with heart, working with the people in love and respect rather than doing things to the people

Unity – working together for the greater good

Connection – good grounding, remaining well connected to the communities, to help sound decision making

A New Paradigm in Politics

Embedded into the party Constitution is a new way of doing politics.  This includes, true service to the people, leaving personal ego’s behind.  Integrity, to walk the talk, ensuring transparent honest communication on all levels.

Our Guiding Principles

Democracy – working with the people for the people

Sovereignty – individual control and national self-governance

Equality – all people are equal and respected, regardless of race, beliefs and gender

Freedom – uphold Human Rights and the Bill of Rights, less government interference in our lives

Free speech – the right to express your opinion

Transparency – accountable, open and honest communication, no hidden globalist agenda’s

Media – independent media without government influence

Family – strengthen society through supporting families

Join the Democratic Alliance

We invite the many minor parties, independents, and grassroots movements with similar guiding principles to join together. We will find unity in diversity through our focus on the areas of common interest. Standing in alliance gives us the only real opportunity to get across the 5% MMP threshold. Only then can we fight against the moral rot in our government, reclaim our nation and create a New Zealand we can be proud of again.

We call the minor parties to unite together for a better future.

Our guiding principles are common across the component parties, independents and grassroots groups - it is the glue which binds us together.

United we stand, divided we fall!

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Unity is the key
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